About Us


So regardless of your life phase, there are issues that you will face. Sometimes you will be able to improve your situation on your own. Other times it takes some outside guidance. We provide Christian counseling in Denver, and are ready to help you in any way we can, and we do it with confidentiality, professionalism and compassion. CentrePoint Counseling Center offers comprehensive counseling services, including marriage counseling in the Front Range of Colorado, through our growing  staff of professional therapists. As a full-service counseling center, we offer a variety of diverse specializations for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Our team of therapists are equipped to provide competent, professional psychotherapy in Colorado for people in all ages, stages, and transitions of life.

We provide a safe environment where an individual or an entire family can receive the counseling and have the resources available to assist with any needs. At CentrePoint Counseling Center you will be in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our therapists care deeply for their clients and seek to bring them confidential professional care while exhibiting compassion, patience, and grace. As a Christian counseling center in Denver, we are equipped to serve and meet the needs of people who are seeking faith-based, spiritual integration into their counseling process. Non-Christian and non-religious clients also feel safe, welcome, and accepted when working with our team of caring professional therapists. On this site you can view more information about each therapist’s specialties and vision for the counseling process.

You may contact therapists directly for more information, or our reception staff can help guide the process to find you a suitable therapist. Group Counseling is also available. Research consistently demonstrates the positive, powerful impact of participating in a group counseling experience. We have group counseling opportunities happening now and can create a custom group for specific needs and populations. Previous clients have reported that they have sensed the warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere in our offices. Many clients have also experienced a sense of renewal in their relationships at home and at work as well as significant personal growth.