Couples Therapy



             Relationships Can Be Painful. Healing Them is What We Do.

We are Emotionally Focused Couples and Individual Therapists who specialize in helping you Communicate, Connect, and Heal. Feeling alone and unable to get through to each other isn’t the way things have to be. You can resolve issues, heal hurts, and have intimacy again.

      Have You Suggested Couples Counseling to your Spouse and Gotten any of These Responses?
  • “If you think we need couples counseling, you can go by yourself. You are the one that has issues with our relationship, so you go.”
  • “I’m not going to couples counseling, it isn’t going to help. If we can’t fix our relationship problems ourselves, then there is no hope.”
  • “Couples counseling is going to make our relationship worse.”
  • We don’t have problems, you have problems.”
  • “I’ve been to counseling before, and it didn’t work. I won’t do it again.”

This can feel like a death sentence for your relationship. Most of the time, people come to couples counseling when they have tried a lot of things to address their relationship problems. Discussing, fighting, not fighting, books, talking to friends, maybe you’ve tried it all. It is courageous to invest the time and energy into professional couples counseling for your relationship.  And when your spouse or partner isn’t willing to go to couples counseling it can make you feel hopeless, enraged, defeated, and scared for your relationship.