Our Team


Terry Williams,
President and Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and visionary of the clinical practice, Mr Williams brings more than 38 years of business experience to the practice from investment management, technologies and non-profit executive management. Mr. Williams as a social business entrepreneur is the Founder of Nehemiah Global Foundation. We are excited to make a difference in the lives of children, youth in the child welfare system and special needs populations.

Steven Gilbertson, MA, NCC, LPC, CACIII
Clinical Director and Supervisor

Mr.Gilbertson bring more than 27 years of counseling and senior level experience to Nehemiah Behavioral Health. Mr. Gilbertson has a deep knowledge of consultation, training in the behavioral sciences including mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, domestic violence including clinical and administration functions. Clinical training towards licensure and certification, practice management including fiscal and administrative solutions for individuals and agencies. Qualified expert witness in the 4th Judicial District in behavioral healthcare including mental health, domestic violence and substance abuse.

Aaron Shea, MSW, LCSW:

Conscientious and compassionate people oriented counselor, social worker and therapist with an excellent education foundation and track record helping people of all ages, ethnicity, cultural, economic and demographic categories in need. Expert working with children and families needing counseling to improve their family environments, and thus their lives. Aaron’s core strength is in developing sustainable life improvements through case work, counseling and coaching parents, adolescents and children in family environments. He has an exceptional ability to establish valuable relationships with individuals and families, as well as coworkers and colleagues. He is very passionate about our profession. He takes a lifelong learning approach to his continued development in the profession and other fields of knowledge such as computer technology, music and history.

Melissa M, Richardson, MA, NCC, LPCC:
License Candidate Therapist

Ms.. Richardson is a recent master graduate of Colorado Christian University where she received her Master’s Degree in Counseling. Ms. Richardson has a compassionated heart for providing trauma informed care for children, especially girls, that have been trapped in the sex trafficking industry. She is talented and gifted in counseling children and women who have come from hard places in life.

Kimberly Johnson, MA 
Registered Psychotherapist,

Kim brings over ten years of counseling experience. She has advanced training in trauma and sexual abuse. Her passion is a focus on the human condition and attachment which informs her work. Kim has also had experience with training parents in the Love & Logic parenting approach. She is compassionate and empathetic yet with a direct approach in helping every individual achieve their goals of health. Kim understands the foundation of helping people in whatever life circumstances they find themselves is unconditional positive regard for the other.