Youth and Adolescents

How do I know that if my child is struggling?

Today our children are faced with many pressures that bring crisis into their lives. If you are worried about your child or teenager. These are a few simple indicators in which to look for, if your child is having trouble:

  • Worry and anxiety that impacts daily activities
  • Not wanted to go to school or take part in activities
  • Difficulty in focusing on or completing tasks
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Frequent temper tantrums
  • Periods of sadness without specific reason
  • Changes I sleeping pattern
  • Fighting
  • Poor or declining grades
  • Isolation and Sadness
  • Drastic change in friends
  • Talk of suicide
  • Substance abuse

When to seek professional help

As a parent or guardian you are the expert on your child and if you think there is a reason to concerned, you’re probably right. Typically parents, guardians teachers, and other caregivers are the first to notice if a child is struggling with emotions and other behaviors. If you have questions, concerns or a problem is suspected, we are here to help.

CentrePoint Counseling helps children, teens, and families with a variety of issues ranging from:

Abuse                      Family Conflict                           ADD                         Identity Conflict

ADHD                       Medication Management         Addictions                 Panic Attacks

Phobias                     Anger Management                Anxiety                      School Challenges

As compassionate and caring professionals we help strengthen families through our professional counselling services. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between you and your teen and help launch him or her into a healthy young adult, free of the pains of the past.